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Évora 2027 supports project involving Alentejo citizens in the planting of 50,000 trees

The aim of "Beyond Risk", a project coordinated by biogeographer and Pessoa Prize winner Miguel Bastos Araújo, is raising the community's awareness for the consequences of climate change, its impact on the future of cities and the quality of life of those who live there.

World Tree and Forest Day is celebrated on 21 March with the presentation of the project "Beyond Risk", which aims to fight the harmful consequences of climate change through the involvement of citizens from 14 municipalities of Central Alentejo in the planting of 50,000 trees, mostly native, in urban areas of this territory. Promoted by Science Retreats and funded by EEA Grants, the Calouste Gulbenkian Foundation and the Intermunicipal Community of Central Alentejo, this project is supported by Évora 2027 - Candidate City for European Capital of Culture through which it will be linked to Bodø2024 - European Capital of Culture, in a greener Europe. "Beyond Risk" is presented next Sunday, at 10am, in the Town Hall of the Municipality of Évora, followed by the symbolic planting of some species, at 12pm, in the Alandroal market garden.

As is public knowledge, the Alentejo region is particularly affected by the combination of high temperatures and low rainfall. "Beyond Risk", a project coordinated by biogeographer and researcher at the University of Évora Miguel Bastos Araújo (awarded the Pessoa Prize in 2018), aims to raise awareness of this aspect and reduce the "heat islands" that, in addition to environmental consequences, have serious effects on the citizens' health.

For Évora 2027 - Candidate City for European Capital of Culture, the partnership with projects involving the community and education for sustainability are essential. "One of the goals of our application is to safeguard the natural heritage of the Alentejo and to promote good practices that will benefit those who live in the region and those who wish to settle there, seeking to refocus the relevance of this heritage. We are well aware that fighting climate change must be done by everyone, and that planning directed towards sustainability is essential to ensure that our cities are spaces of enjoyment and well-being", says Paula Mota Garcia, coordinator of the application's Mission Team, who is also a member of the"Beyond Risk" Advisory Board.

The "Beyond Risk" project is also supported by the Portuguese Confederation of Environmental Protection Associations; Gestão Ambiental de Resíduos, E.E.I.M – GESAMB (
Environmental Waste Management); Infraestruturas de Portugal; Comissão Vitivinícola Regional Alentejana – CVRA (Alentejo Regional Winegrowing Commission) and Instituto de Conservação da Natureza das Florestas – ICNF (Nature and Forest Conservation Institute).

About the project: