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One year after the nomination of Évora_27 as European Capital of Culture, "Common Ground" is a concert played and sung by several voices; based on each artist's identity, genre and sound, it finds in music a common territory of closeness, amazement and discovery.

This year, our wish was to bring about a unique and unlikely meeting of musicians whose common ground is their essence, their inner selves, thus celebrating the coexistence of different languages and idioms.  With artists from different geographies, cultures and musical genres coming to Évora, "Common Ground" is all about bringing people together on the same stage, the roots we are made of and the future we imagine. 

Évora, and the Alentejo, are places made up of many places, woven in many layers, crossing space and time. And music, just like the common ground we walk on, is a place of encounter, dialogue and wonder.

Com/with Almocreves, Ângelo Freire, António Caixeiro e os Cantores de Cuba, Duarte Coxo, Guilherme Salgueiro, Katerina L’dokova, Katia Guerreiro, Luciano Maia, Miroca Paris, Ricardo Ribeiro, Rodrigo Correia


Diogo Clemente


Évora_27 Capital Europeia da Cultura

Classificação etária: m/ 6 anos

Duração: 65 min. aprox.